"The overall balance of activities made for a vibrant yet relaxing time. Plays, day trip, free time were all in good proportions. This trip ranks at the very top of my list of guided tour trips I've taken. I have the impression that both of you are doing what you love & that is a gift to all of us. Thank you!"
"I loved it all! You did a fabulous job. Excellent pre-trip info, great hotel, plays could not have been better choices.
You get 5 Stars!"

"I just want to express how much I appreciate the time and effort you both put into making these trips available to us. I really admire someone who 'sweats the details,' provides answers to all anticipated questions, provides all necessary information prior to and during our trip, which makes for a seamless and extremely enjoyable trip for all of us."

"Jay and Vance, you are exceptional planners and leaders. THANK YOU!"
"You both do a superb job of managing these tours, with so much detail work and such careful attention to everybody's needs. Congratulations!"

"You two are my models for perfect tours! What more can I say? Just keep doing what you do so well!"

"As a veteran of two theater tours to NYC with another group, I can heartily commend the high quality of this tour."
"For years I've wanted to come to New York to see Broadway productions. Well this year I did it royally!"

"Thank you for your love of theatre and providing us with an opportunity to see these wonderful Broadway productions. We love the relaxed structure of your trips!"

"Beautifully organized, and not by drill sergeants, but by caring, attentive leaders."
"You prepared us so well! We want to join you again next year."

"A great balance of structured activities and free time."

"You both do everything with such grace, style and class. And the best part is that you make, what must be very complicated arrangements, look so easy."
"What did I like best?
Jay and Vance's elegant style!"

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